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Two of Hearts 👯

Two hearts that beat as one! Check out these queer dynamic duos as they embark on road trips, play "wing persons" to one another, perform musical duets, match wits, and bring out the best (and, often, the worst) in each other.

Oakland Highlights

Frameline returns to our East Bay home, The New Parkway Theater in Oakland, for a series of screenings during the first week of the Festival.

Erotic Evenings

As a tribute to the history of Frameline's longest-running venue, The Roxie Theater, Erotic Evenings offers three X-rated late-night programs full of risqué restorations and scandalous sinema.

Neighborhood Nights

For Neighborhood Nights, we’ve carefully selected a trio of late-20th century queer cinema classics that tie into some of the recurring themes and strands of the Frameline47 program. 

Daddy Issues, Mommy Madness, & Parent Traps

Let’s shed a light on the joys and struggles, the fulfillment and confusion of being a queer parent. Alone or with partner(s), consulting the experts or blazing new trails, authoritative or permissive, we don’t need no hateration… for this is indeed a family affair.

Date Night

Whether it's a first date with a charming stranger or a fun night out with your main squeeze, these romantic offerings from the Frameline47 program are certain to set the mood just right.

Pump Up the Volume

In direct and indirect ways, music runs through the entire Frameline47 program. Come explore some of the more directly musical films!


Laughter is contagious, so come take in the funniest features and shorts programs at Frameline47 with us, or catch them at home during the Frameline Encore.

Dim the Lights

If you're looking for a little spice to your evening—whether on a date, cruising solo, or alongside an adventurous crew—these after dark picks will turn up the heat.

For the Love of Books

Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high. Take a look, it's in a book, a Reading Rainbow!

Party Films

Here's a sneak peek of some of the buzziest films at Frameline47! All three films include a party afterwards at venues including Oasis, Fluid510, and Terra Gallery. Don't miss a performance by Alaska after God Save the Queens.

Queers Behaving Badly

Thank the gays of The White Lotus and Lydia Tár! Mischievous queers up to cancelable offenses is the unofficial trend for LGBTQ+ characters in 2023.

Frameline Completion Fund

Frameline47 will feature 8 film grantees of the Frameline Completion Fund.

Famous Faces

From doc portraits to inspired cameos, be on the lookout for some famous faces in this year’s program!

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Stay Updated

We're excited to keep you in the loop on all things Frameline (with no spam - ever!)