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Host a Screening

Frameline offers a rental option for public performance use for film festivals, museum exhibitions, classrooms, community screenings, and more. Rental rates vary depending upon the film, screening venue, if the screening is free or admission, and the screening format. Films are available as a digital file, DCP DVD, or 16mm film print. For hardcopy rentals, the customer is responsible for all fees incurred in the roundtrip shipment of rented material. Frameline also provides promotional materials including trailer, stills, captions, poster and other assets to help promote your screening.

Theatrical Bookings

For theatrical bookings please fill out the booking form on the bottom of each film page, or contact with basic information about your screening such as the proposed date and number of showings, venue size, if it is a free screening or paid admission, and we will contact you within more details. 

Museum + Gallery Exhibitions

Marlon Riggs, Anthem, 1991, featured in SIGNALS: How Video Transformed the World, MoMA, 2023.

For inquiries regarding including a film or a portion of a film in an exhibition in a museum or gallery context, please contact for more information.

Current + Recent Exhibitions:

Marlon Riggs, Anthem, Signals: How Video Transformed the World, MoMA, 2023.

Marlon Riggs, Tongues Untied, Bienal de São Paulo, 2023.

ERG Screenings

Frameline is proud to support Diversity & Inclusion programs nationwide by providing engaging films for employee resource groups. Frameline can work with you and your organization’s budget to curate a custom film program that aligns with your Diversity & Inclusion initiatives. Our catalog has a great selection of topical films on subjects including LGBTQ+ History & Civil Rights, transgender perspectives, race and anti-racism, women’s rights, Queer & Trans Parenting, and international LGBTQ+ experiences.

Virtual ERG Screenings

Select a film from our catalogue for virtual viewing and discussion with your company’s employee resource group or book club. Films can be hosted on your platform or ours and are a great way to observe Women’s History, Latinx History, Black History or Indigenous Peoples History Months in a corporate setting. Guest and speaker appearances available for some films. Explore our offerings below.

In-person Screenings

If you’d like to learn more about how to bring the full Frameline experience to your workplace for a lunch hour, after-hours screening, or panel presentation of films from our festival line-up, please contact David Warczak, Director of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships

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Stay Updated

We're excited to keep you in the loop on all things Frameline (with no spam - ever!)