Man Made

Directed by T. Cooper
99 mins

Man Made follows the extraordinary lives of four transgender men as they prepare to compete at TransFitCon, the only all trans-bodybuilding competition in the world.

Told through the honest and authentic lens of trans filmmaker T Cooper, Man Made intertwines the nuances of gender and masculinity, the drive for social justice, and the competitive desire to forge our own paths and be our personal best. The strength on display in Man Made transcends the physical: Rese is a young father struggling with periods of homelessness; Dominic seeks out his family of origin, confronting an alternate history for himself; Kennie admits to himself and his loved ones who he is for the first time in his life; and Mason, a loving husband who struggles with mental illness, works daily to be the man he’s always wanted to be—on both the inside and out. We follow these subjects’ emotional and physical journeys as they navigate lives as the men they are, despite very real risks inherent in an often hostile social and political climate.

For the men of Man Made, it’s not about winning—it’s about being seen.

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