Year Round Team

James Woolley
Executive DirectorPronouns: he, him, his
Allegra Madsen
Director of ProgrammingPronouns: she, her, hers
Nguyen Pham
Director of Philanthropy Pronouns: he, him, his
David Warczak
Director of Marketing & Strategic PartnershipsPronouns: he, him, his
Esme Agilar
Membership & Development ManagerPronouns: she, her, hers
Julie Ludwig
Senior Distribution ManagerPronouns: they, them, she, her, hers
Court Ross
Senior Communications & Marketing ManagerPronouns: she, her, hers, they, them, theirs
Matthew Wong
Frameline Distribution and Community Outreach ManagerPronouns: he, him, his, they, them
Joe Bowman
Programming & Publications ManagerPronouns: he, him, his, they, them, she, her, hers
Kaitlyn Ryan
Operations ManagerPronouns: she, her, hers


Sam Berliner
ProgrammerPronouns: he, him, his, they, them
Jorge Molina
ProgrammerPronouns: he, him, his
Simba Ndemera
Finance ContractorPronouns: he, him, his
Dan Shain
Sponsorship ManagerPronouns: he, him, his
Peter L. Stein
Senior ProgrammerPronouns: he, him, his
Kristal Sotomayor
ProgrammerPronouns: they, them, she, her, hers
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