Board of Directors

Frameline’s Board of Directors and staff wish to thank our members, donors, corporate sponsors, foundation and government funders, and our more than 400 volunteers for their tremendous generosity, commitment, and ongoing dedication to Frameline and LGBTQ+ media.

Ryan McNeill
Board President
Brandi Collins
Board Vice President
Cyrus Beagley
Board Secretary
Meggy Gotuaco
Board Treasurer
Steven Abbott
Rob Banning
Jason M. Blackwell
Lukas Blakk
Brian William Bonds
Emmett Chen-Ran
Marc-Aurele Ferracci
Jeffery Grimes
Brian Healy
Nadir Joshua
Hollyann Vickers Keng
Robel Yemiru

Emeritus Board

Dan Flanagan
Linda Harrison
Tom Magnani
Liz Pesch
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