Frameline Fangs

Queer horror like never before!

50 Years of Fabulous

FRAMELINE FANGS is back from the grave and on sale now! With 3 feature films & 6 horror shorts, it's our biggest FANGS program yet.

Now in its third year, FANGS is the newest addition to Frameline's extensive year-round programming. Happening each Halloween, FANGS features a collection of the best in new queer horror. Equal parts scary, silly, and sexy, FANGS is Frameline like you've never experienced it before. If these films don't make your skin's on too tight! 


We Need to Do Something (In Person)

DIRECTOR Sean King O’Grady | 2021 | USA | 97 min

Bay Area Theatrical Premiere! Thrillingly unpredictable and diabolically entertaining, We Need to Do Something churns a savage potion of teen lesbian witchcraft, apocalyptic nightmares, and dysfunctional family drama, in its cauldron. When high schooler Melissa and her family get trapped in their bathroom during a torrential storm, family tension collides with paranoia and fear when it appears something more sinister might be lurking beyond the walls. Are their imaginations running wild, or did a spell Melissa and her witch girlfriend cast against a gossipy classmate unleash something truly ghastly? With an outstanding cast that includes Vinessa Shaw (Hocus Pocus), Pat Healy (The Innkeepers), and Sierra McCormick (American Horror Stories), this exciting debut feature had its world premiere at this year's Tribeca Film Festival.  This film contains scenes that may not be suitable for all viewers.  Watch Trailer.  Roxie Theater, Saturday 10/23. Doors: 9:00pm PT, Showtime: 9:30pm PT. $15.

Roxie Tickets: We Need to Do Something

Alone with You

DIRECTORS Emily Bennett & Justin Brooks | 2021 | USA | 83 min

In this taut, claustrophobic chiller, co-writer/director Emily Bennett plays Charlie, a pretty, up-and-coming makeup artist preparing her two-story Brooklyn apartment with flowers and romantic notes for the long-awaited return of her girlfriend Simone (Orange Is the New Black’s Emma Myles). As the hours seem to creep by, Charlie's excitement morphs into anxiety and confusion, made all-the-worse by a mysterious voice coming from the vent and an eerie Zoom chat with her mother—played with delightful malevolence by horror legend Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator, You’re Next). Like a pandemic-era Repulsion, Alone with You expertly utilizes its setting, as Charlie's tenuous grip on reality turns her comfortable apartment into a claustrophobic house-of-horrors dungeon, possibly of her own making.  This film contains scenes that may not be suitable for all viewers.  Streaming 10/22-24. $8.  How to stream.

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Cut! (¡Corten!)

DIRECTOR Marc Ferrer | 2021 | Spain | 78 min | In Spanish with English subtitles 

"I don't like movies where no one gets murdered." With colorful splashes of Argento and early Almodóvar, Cut! takes a hysterical, tongue-in-cheek look at the vibrant queer scene in Barcelona through the lens of a gay B-movie director Marcos—currently in production on a low-budget  giallo with his leading lady, drag legend Amparo (Spanish queer icon La Prohibida). When members of his cast and crew start ending up dead (not unlike in his screenplay), Marcos finds himself hotly pursued not only by the usual fame-hungry drag queens and hipster twinks but also by a horny butch detective, her squeamish partner, and a ruthless tabloid TV journalist—each on the hunt to unmask the killer.   Streaming 10/23-24. $8.  How to stream.  Watch Trailer

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Freaky Shrieky Shorts

Come follow us down a rabbit hole of sinful and sinister delights as we bring you Frameline Fangs' first-ever shorts program! With a mini-marathon of films that range from spooky to hysterical, you’ll meet an array of queer ghouls—sexy monsters, surreal sea creatures, murderous maniacs, and demonic beings—along the way. Pass the popcorn, KILL the lights, and WHATEVER YOU DO don’t look away from the screen!  This program contains scenes that may not be suitable for all viewers. Total Running Time: 78 min. Streaming 10/22-24. $6.66.  How to stream.

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Films in This Program:


DIRECTORS Jake Mcclellan & Eric Griffin | 2021 | USA | 8 min 

For a frightening good time, call phone sex operator Monster Girl, who can be all yours for only $10 per minute. How about $5 per minute? $1?! She's had it! Watch Trailer

Exorcisms and Other Supplications

DIRECTOR Georden West | 2020 | USA | 4 min 

Glamour possesses each frame of this stylized and epic ritual performed by a coven of Black, queer artists. Featuring decadent, out-of-this-world costumes from Project Runway’s Jamall Osterholm.

Silent Heat

DIRECTOR Luciënne Venner | 2021 | Netherlands | 18 min | In Dutch and English with English subtitles 

While on a seaside vacation with her girlfriend, Lyla gets stung by a sea urchin, opening a portal to a lurid underworld of forbidden pleasure and ancient ritual. Watch Trailer


DIRECTORS Mariel Sharp & Kaye Adelaide | 2021 | Canada | 4 min 

Shot on 16mm, this steamy and slimy creature feature finds a trans artist on the verge of a surprise awakening when her sculpture comes to life.

Come Back My Love (Reviens mon amour)

DIRECTOR Ralf Bou Chaya | 2020 | France | 16 min | In French with English subtitles 

Following the disappearance of his boyfriend, a devastated young man begins seeking his lost lover out in other men, with increasingly dark and macabre results.

The Demons of Dorothy ( Les démons de Dorothy)

DIRECTOR Alexis Langlois | 2021 | France | 28 min | In French with English subtitles 

In neon eye-popping splendor, director Alexis Langlois, one of France’s most enticing queer filmmakers, introduces us to aspiring filmmaker Dorothy and her wild, hallucinogenic visions of a demonic queer fantasia. As she attempts to write the screenplay for her latest opus Biker Chicks in Love, her artistic vision becomes compromised by an army of her personal and professional demons—from greedy producers, her nagging mother, and even her cinematic rival Xena Lodan who all threaten her buxom utopia. Watch Trailer

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How can I watch? 
The bulk of this year's FANGS is available to stream online in any city in the US from 12:00am PT on Friday 10/22 – 11:59pm PT on Sunday 10/24. Cut! will only be available from 12:00am PT on Saturday 10/23 until 11:59pm PT on Sunday 10/24. FANGS can be easily streamed at or through the Frameline SmartTV app. Learn more about streaming here.