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Directed by Matthew Fifer2024USA76 mins

This new feature from director Matthew Fifer (co-director of Cicada, Frameline44) immerses the viewer with a lush, atmospheric, and darkly sexy portrait of a man’s quest for answers to his troubled past. Cole Doman (Mutt, Frameline47, also seen at Frameline48 in the short film Bust) stars as Joe, a gay, investigative journalist who returns to his hometown after recently becoming sober. Struggling to find steady work, Joe becomes laser focused on the next big story to relaunch his career: the mysterious death of eight gay men that occurred at the town’s psychiatric hospital. Now abandoned and intentionally forgotten by the town's people, the looming structure haunts Joe in his quest for the truth.

When some of these locals begin dropping dead of seemingly-natural causes, we follow Joe and the new, sweltering townie man in his life, Luke (Sense8’s Brian J. Smith, who also directed A House Is Not a Disco in the Frameline48 program), through a complex web of unanswered questions that all seem to share a common explanation — but what? Is this somehow related to his sister’s tragic death when they were children?

This film has a content advisory. For more information, please click here.

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17 mins

When a disgruntled music journalist accuses a global pop star of queerbaiting, the singer’s devoted fans descend on his remote cabin to wreak havoc and seek retribution.

Expected Guests

Matthew Fifer
Brian J. Smith
Neal Mulani
Director, Actor (RAT!)


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Matthew Fifer
Running Time
76 mins
Frameline Fangs, Narrative Features
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Andrew Sheets
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