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Carnage for Christmas

Directed by Alice Maio Mackay2024Australia70 mins

Merry Fucking Christmas! It’s winter in June Down Under, so come with us on a blood-soaked sleigh ride to the conservative hometown of trans true-crime podcaster, Lola (Jeremy Moineau). With her biggest worry being the town’s reaction to her post-transition return after 16 years away, Lola is ready to take on anyone who gives her any shit this holiday season!

However, she couldn’t have expected that person to be a masked killer sporting a Santa outfit — paying grisly homage to the town’s own haunted legend, The Toymaker. But who is behind the mask? Lola — who has her own connection to the original Toymaker murders — uses her true-crime sleuthing skills (and the help of her fellow queers) to put an end to these gruesome (but wildly creative) murders.

For Carnage for Christmas, trailblazing trans director Alice Maio Mackay (T Blockers) enlisted fellow genre artist Vera Drew, director and star of The People’s Joker, as the editor and visual effects artist. At only 19 years old and now with five features under her belt, Maio Mackay further establishes herself as a shrewd filmmaker with a knack for fusing horror with a healthy dose of camp.

This film has a content advisory. For more information, please click here.

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Expected Guests

Haley Z. Boston
Director (Beach Logs Kill)
Max Scholnick
Producer (Beach Logs Kill)


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Alice Maio Mackay
Running Time
70 mins
Frameline Fangs, Narrative Features
Program Note Writer
Andrew Sheets
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We're excited to keep you in the loop on all things Frameline (with no spam - ever!)