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Come to My Window + Love Lies Streaming Shorts

Like the Spice Girls' song, this streaming-only program combines two of the Frameline48 in-person shorts packages into one. Enjoy this mix of LGBTQ+ date night shorts with a selection of films exploring other complicated bonds between queer folks of all different backgrounds.

Short films showing in this program:

After Hours

6 mins

Two transwomen chance encounter in the club bathroom, one at the end of her rope, one at the end of her break working at the bar. Multidisciplinary artist Star Amerasu directs and stars opposite local performing artist Muñeca in this San Francisco tale, executive produced by Elliot Page.


14 mins

Believing himself to be one of the last survivors left in the wake of human extinction, an ex-war soldier finds unexpected comfort with the arrival of a weary traveler.


16 mins

Sam brings Olivia back to their place during the heated extension of a first date gone *very* well. After a few stumbling blocks getting into the rhythm, the two find their way back after confronting something that could make or break a burgeoning queer romance… comfort in your own body.


9 mins

A turbulent couple finds themselves at opposing entrances of the Juhu beach, compelling them to walk towards each other and meet in the middle.

Kai Hali’a (Sea of Memory)

9 mins

Through layers of space, time and memory across the ocean and ʻāina (land) on Maui, a diasporic Kānaka (Hawaiian) remembers how to connect back to themselves, their family and their lover.


12 mins

A middle-aged Pakistani housewife, in search of herself, hires a young, self-assured sex worker to keep her company for the night.


12 mins

T-Minus tells the story of Andrew, a trans mechanic, and a drag queen named Lex as they roadtrip from Ohio to Detroit to obtain an abortion.

Streaming Note: This program can be streamed anywhere in the United States.


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We're excited to keep you in the loop on all things Frameline (with no spam - ever!)