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Clashing Differences

Directed by Merle Grimme2023Germany73 mins

House of Womxn has a diversity problem. Or so the all-white board members have been told. Forced to take action with the threat of being removed from the International Women’s Conference, the board hires Paula — a lesbian with her own closely-held thoughts around privilege—to assemble the perfect mix of marginalized people to develop the organization’s all-inclusive manifesto.

Among those enlisted include an Asian divorcee fighting for custody of her gender-neutral child, a Black woman tired of being taken advantage of, and a disabled immigrant. Forcing queer folks to cohabitate for a weekend for the sake of solidarity certainly has its pitfalls. As their different viewpoints on race, feminism, and other hot-button issues threaten to derail the entire weekend, they find themselves dealing with a much more dangerous threat.

At a time when many organizations seem to view diversity as checking the right boxes for show rather than genuinely being inclusive, filmmaker Merle Grimme’s Clashing Differences uses humor to take a frank look at nuanced, layered, and complex topics like labor exploitation, colorism, and intersectionality.

Don't miss our screening of this shared World Premiere with Filmfest München!

Short film screening before this feature (In-Person Only):

Femme Rage

3 mins

Femme Rage is a rally cry to all QTBIPOC Femmes, across the gender spectrum, to unleash their rage about living, surviving, and thriving within a cishetero-capitalist-white supremacist-patriarchy.

Expected Guests

Merle Grimme
Lisa Hrdina
Diara Sow
Andi Pek
Aïma Paule
Director (Femme Rage)
Sarah Taborga
Director (Femme Rage)

Additional support provided by German Film Office

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Merle Grimme
Running Time
73 mins
Streaming, Oakland, Narrative Features, Premieres
Program Note Writer
Angelique Smith
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We're excited to keep you in the loop on all things Frameline (with no spam - ever!)