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Cool for the Summer

The unpredictable dog days of summer are here, and anything can happen. Come get sweaty in a cool theater with some hot summer flings, chance encounters, and long sweltering days that never seem to end.

Short films showing in this program:

Blue Hour

27 mins

Maja, a waitress in a small village, aimlessly floats through life, while trying to come to terms with a much different past; until one day a strange woman, who is waiting for someone, comes into Maja’s place of work.


7 mins

After finishing secondary school, two teenage friends hang out in the industrial margins of their rapidly changing hometown. It's the middle of the summer, the last summer the boys have to explore their relationship before one of them is forced to move away.


22 mins

Desperate for a break from the chaos of the city, four friends unite for a picnic at a gay nude beach. When word of a forest rave reaches the group, the news has them divided. A day of pleasure spirals out as each must face how this picnic was an escape from their current realities.

The Spirit God Gave Us

20 mins

It was a Sunday when Malcolm and Shamont first met, while volunteering as ushers for their Baptist Church. Now, as each Sunday passes, an unearthed fondness swells.

A Summer Place

20 mins

Tina lives in a once quiet seaside town, now transformed into the oligarch paradise of the Mediterranean. Her decision to end her life on the day of her birthday feels like her only choice, until an encounter with another woman proves to be a life-changing moment for both.


3 mins

Two trans people celebrate their love in this playful, sexy, and romantic musical short, set to “Get Cute” by Screaming Toenail.

Expected Guests

Stacey Rushchak
Director (Blue Hour)
Grzegorz Adach
Cinematographer (Blue Hour)
Dylan Mitro
Director (Ripples)
Goldbloom Micomonaco
Producer (Ripples)
Michael Donte
Director (The Spirit God Gave Us)
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Running Time
99 mins
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Stay Updated

We're excited to keep you in the loop on all things Frameline (with no spam - ever!)