El Abuelo

Directed by Dino Dinco
4 mins

Shot on location in San Antonio, Texas, El Abuelo is an intimate portrait of local educator and poet, Joe Jimenez.

Through the meditative process of ironing his clothes, a duty often identified as “women's work”, we experience Joe in that familiar goal of finding the perfect crease. Of all domestic chores, ironing is the only one a “homeboy” is more than happy to master, as masterful ironing is the key to reaching an appearance of perfection; perfect creases work hand in hand with the power of attraction.

In voiceover, Joe reads the lines from his poem “El Abuelo,” as we learn the potency these perfect creases possess in capturing the attention of his “first vato:” his first love of another man.

This film was commissioned by the 2008 London Fashion in Film Festival and premiered at the TATE Modern in London, on May 10, 2008.

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