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A collection of five short films exploring identity, activism, and the creative process.

Byron Chief-Moon: Grey Horse Rider Marlene Millar & Philip Szporer 2007 48 min. Canada

Father, TV actor, dance artist, and proud member of the First Nations two-spirited gay community, Byron Chief-Moon's fascinating art and life continuously cross boundaries.

definition: Aya de Leon Jennifer Ongiri 2007 27 min. USA

Whether dissecting images of women in hip hop or exposing the constructs of gender and beauty, poet Aya de Leon makes you laugh, makes you think, and makes you listen.

Junk Box Warrior Preeti AK Mistry 2002 5 min. USA

An enchanting blend of spoken word and black-and-white images, this visual poem explores the alienation, frustration, and fear of not fitting into society's gender binary.

El Abuelo Dino Dinco 2008 4 min. USA

Preconceived notions of gender and sexual orientation are challenged as we experience poet Joe Jimenez methodically ironing his clothes while speaking of his love for his "first vato" (homeboy).

Krudas Opie Boero Imwinkelried 2006 29 min. Cuban Spanish w/English subtitles

Explores the lives of Cuban lesbian hip hop artists whose work addresses social issues including their African roots, lesbian rights, female solidarity, and racism.

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