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Cruel Summer Streaming Shorts

Behold this exclusive, streaming-only shorts package which collects several of the bold, edgy, exciting short films screening before features at Frameline48 into a wickedly queer adventure... which takes you through apartment hunting in Berlin, high school locker room fantasies, olfactory obsessions, celebrity cancelation campaigns, talking cats, and non-binary cruising.

Short films showing in this program:

Beach Logs Kill

9 mins

At a high school football game, the star quarterback promises her lucky number to the deserving girl teammate. During the game things go wrong. An awkward girl in detention tries to prove herself worthy of quarterback's regard and legacy.

Bold Eagle

16 mins

Bold Eagle is about an “alter,” a person who anonymously posts nudes and performs lascivious acts in the nether regions of the Internet. Trapped at home with hallucinogenic drugs and his talking cat, BOLD seeks refuge in the strong arms of strange men from the internet as they masturbate their way to true happiness.


16 mins

Joana, a non-binary person with a vagina, meets Xtopher, an effeminate gay man, in the FKK area (aka the nudity-permitted area) of a Berlin lake. Then, they decide to go to the cruising area together, where they experience new sensations.

Paradise Europe

17 mins

On the day thousands of people are protesting against unaffordable rents in Berlin, a Brazilian who was just kicked out of his place struggles to find a new room while his personal life falls apart.


17 mins

When a disgruntled music journalist accuses a global pop star of queerbaiting, the singer’s devoted fans descend on his remote cabin to wreak havoc and seek retribution.


11 mins

Transfixed by the smell of his victims, a stalker takes his obsession to the limit.

This program contains sexually explicit material.

Streaming Note: This program can be streamed anywhere in the United States.


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Running Time
86 mins
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We're excited to keep you in the loop on all things Frameline (with no spam - ever!)