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Best Years

Directed by Jordan Hidalgo2024USA50 mins

Heartbroken, listening to Enya, and making Mickey Mouse pancakes in his underwear, the last thing Brooklynite Troy wants to do is welcome new neighbors. But when he sees Abel’s captivating smile, his hope for a rekindled romance with his ex-boyfriend Chance gets officially placed on the back burner. 

As Troy and Abel’s tender getting-to-know-you dates start to progress, Troy finds himself caught between the allure of new love and a long-fought-for second chance with the one who got away. Troy’s roommate Pat is a maybe bisexual activist trying to kick off a political career; Billie, their somewhat intrusive landlord by proxy can’t seem to find her place…. literally; and Lee, an insightful yoga instructor, is trying to heal and channel her inner goddess. As these late twentysomethings navigate their anxieties, life choices, and passions, they find there’s no problem that a night of pizza and wine with friends can’t help fix. Created by and starring Josh Bonzie (Hulu’s Saint X) as Troy, this quick-moving episodic playfully mirrors the apprehensions and absurdities that come with the territory of being an aging millennial.

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Jordan Hidalgo
Running Time
50 mins
Episodic, Narrative Features
Program Note Writer
Angelique Smith
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