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Shorts: The World Tarot

Grouping together 7 shorts that played before features during Frameline47’s in-person screenings, this virtual-only program offers an eclectic line-up of international shorts from 5 different countries.

Films showing in this program:

Femme Rage

3 mins

Femme Rage is a rally cry to all QTBIPOC Femmes, across the gender spectrum, to unleash their rage about living, surviving, and thriving within a cishetero-capitalist-white supremacist-patriarchy.

Fish Boy

11 mins

Fish Boy is a lyrical meditation on faith, love, and polyamory through the eyes of an Asian American teenager. When 16-year-old Patrick (Ian Chen) questions his love for God, his self-discovery manifests in his skin.

I Can See the Sun But I Can’t Feel It Yet

18 mins

A nightmare in reverie: five young queer people are admitted into a clinic to undergo conversion therapy. Enduring several different and harrowing methods to change their sexual orientation and/or gender identity, the sterile space of abject trauma struggles to suppress the abundance and beauty of queer love.

A King, Gazing at the Sea

24 mins

Paul arrives in a Mediterranean seaside resort. He is enjoying a few moments at the seaside, when a muscular man with a tanned complexion catches his attention. This stranger becomes his obsession, feeding a destabilizing desire.

Knowing Me, Knowing You

15 mins

Unemployed and recently dumped, Daniel spends his days at home eavesdropping on his therapist roommate's Zoom sessions. Over time, he begins obsessing over one patient in particular: a recently divorced man with anger problems and a uniquely crass way of speaking.

Some Day All This Will Be Yours

11 mins

Some Day All This Will Be Yours follows an increasingly strange pregnant woman giving her unborn child a guided tour of its inheritance: a haunted house. Amidst a riot of crumbling 1970s interior design, Some Day uncannily twists the tropes of motherhood, home, and family legacy.

Under the Influence

20 mins

A trio of friends retreat to a luxurious and isolated home in the middle of the woods for a weekend of hallucinogens and pool-lounging. But a strange nighttime encounter upends their queer holiday.

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102 mins
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We're excited to keep you in the loop on all things Frameline (with no spam - ever!)