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Shorts: The Lovers Tarot

The Lovers Tarot card represents the merging of souls taking shape in the truest forms of love and acceptance. Through stories of romance, from the fantastical to the everyday, each couple overcomes the challenges of dating to build a new reality together. Ideal for date night, this program may cause viewers to die from the cuteness.

Films showing in this program:


14 mins

A valiant island warrior, wounded in battle against foreign invaders, falls into a mysterious underwater world.

As You Are

15 mins

When an interabled queer couple spends the night together for the first time, they must confront their complex relationships with desire, sexuality, bodily autonomy, and what it means truly to love another person.

It’s a Date

5 mins

A high speed race down the streets of Ukraine is met with a warm embrace.

L’apprenante (The Learner)

7 mins

An American college student takes French immersion classes in the process of “finding herself abroad” in Paris.

Required Reading

15 mins

Young lovers flirt in a library but face challenges outside of the four walls.

Toe Tag

19 mins

Based on a true story from the life of writer/producer Michael Fisher, a gay man in his 50s discovers a toe tag in the dunes of Fire Island and is struck by memories of his lover who succumbed to AIDS.

Youssou & Malek

27 mins

The epic love of Youssou and Malek, told through song and a Greek chorus, must overcome immense obstacles.

Expected Guests

Dean Hamer
Director (Aikāne)
Joe Wilson
Director (Aikāne)
Daisy Friedman
Director (As You Are)
Angelique Kalani Axelrode
Director (L'apprenante)
Tatiana Ringsby
Actor (L'apprenante)
Michael Fisher
Producer (Toe Tag)
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Running Time
102 mins
Streaming, Oakland, Shorts Programs
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Stay Updated

We're excited to keep you in the loop on all things Frameline (with no spam - ever!)