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Shorts: Homegrown: The Sun Tarot

The Sun Tarot card represents the comforts of home and the safety of belonging. Come warm yourselves by our Sun with these homegrown shorts, showcasing diverse local talent and a wide range of genres. These stories present a transformative future filled with compassion and change.

Films showing in this program:

Do Digital Curanderas Use Eggs in Their Limpias?

14 mins

A queer, non-binary, Latinx Indigenous curandera must convince their estranged best friend to sign off as their next of kin as they prepare to join thousands of others in their near future barrio in uploading their consciousness into a digital utopia called Digisphere.

Femme Rage

3 mins

Femme Rage is a rally cry to all QTBIPOC Femmes, across the gender spectrum, to unleash their rage about living, surviving, and thriving within a cishetero-capitalist-white supremacist-patriarchy.

The Girl That Got Away

14 mins

At 64 years old, an HIV+ Mexican American actor in San Francisco struggles to decide whether to continue playing cis male roles onscreen and off after finally accepting that he identifies as female.


12 mins

An unexpected love story develops over a box of tampons between Phoebe, a mini-mart cashier, and Kirby, a guy in transition.

Interdimensional Pizza Portal

5 mins

After conjuring a slice of pizza through an interdimensional portal, Grover and his best friend Aliee learn a hard lesson about the unintended consequences of manifestation.

No More Longing

16 mins

Seven years after moving from Brazil to California to pursue his love of music and four years after starting testosterone, Jaime Jobim searches for his new voice.

Sean Dorsey Dance: Dreaming Trans and Queer Futures

9 mins

This visually-exquisite short is a fusion of dance film and documentary — and a powerful profile of trailblazing transgender choreographer and activist Sean Dorsey.

Take Me There

21 mins

A night of dating, romance, and love in San Francisco.

Expected Guests

Roberto Fatal
Director (Do Digital Curanderas Use Eggs in Their Limpias?)
River Gallo
Actor (Do Digital Curanderas Use Eggs in Their Limpias?)
Aïma Paule
Director (Femme Rage)
Sarah Taborga
Director (Femme Rage)
Ephi Stempler
Director (The Girl That Got Away)
Lauren Veen
Director (The Girl That Got Away)
Angel Arellano
Subject (The Girl That Got Away)
Alexandra Greenspan
Director ((In)convenience)
Amy Stringer
Actor ((In)convenience)
Aja Pilapil
Cinematographer ((In)convenience)
Samantha Alexa
Art Director ((In)convenience)
Haley Baldwin
Producer ((In)convenience)
Aron Kantor
Director (Interdimensional Pizza Portal)
Aliee Chan
Actor (Interdimensional Pizza Portal)
Grover Whitmore III
Actor (Interdimensional Pizza Portal)
Sean Dorsey
Subject (Sean Dorsey Dance: Dreaming Trans and Queer Futures)
Elliot Slade
Director (Take Me There)
Joel Ochoa
Actor (Take Me There)
Jasper Riley
Actor (Take Me There)
Michael Weinstein
Actor (Take Me There)
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Running Time
94 mins
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Stay Updated

We're excited to keep you in the loop on all things Frameline (with no spam - ever!)