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Shorts: Fun in Shorts: The Joker Tarot

In this uproarious batch of hilarious LGBTQ+ short films, Frameline’s annual Fun in Shorts program takes a comic approach to some of our deepest queer anxieties — whether it be flying, sex, social niceties, daddy issues, incidental murder, or the general miseries of apartment dwelling.

Films showing in this program:

AC Unit

13 mins

Hilton and Drew are two best friends living in Brooklyn during the height of a heatwave. One day, when installing an AC unit, disaster turns their world on its head and the future becomes incredibly unclear.

Agents of Change – Project: Polymer

15 mins

Starring Rain Valdez and Shaan Dasani, Agents of Change - Project: Polymer is a spy-genre film that centers a fully a queer and transgender cast while bringing issues facing the environment to the forefront.

Cock N’ Bull 3

24 mins

Flight attendants, Chris and Wes, instigate twisted mile-high games with passengers, leading to the unimaginable — trying to make an emergency landing after someone poisoned the pilot.

Daddy Issues

5 mins

A young dominatrix-in-training receives an unexpected client.

Dilating for Maximum Results

14 mins

A whack, irrelevant comedy about a black trans woman who tries to dilate, after four years of not dilating, to hook-up IRL with her online boyfriend.


5 mins

An experimental film where a group of mice (voiced by members of the UK polyamorous community whose identities are masked using puppetry) discuss their experiences of polyamory.

A History of Sitting in Waiting Rooms (or whatever longer title you prefer)

9 mins

A six-year-old butch Latina and her imaginary best friend Boo poorly navigate the drawn-out pains of puberty.


16 mins

A darkly comedic tale of New York neighbors, the ways in which we become interwoven with the lives of strangers, and the unexpected consequences of unasked-for intimacy.

Expected Guests

Grace Godvin
Director (AC Unit)
Drew Anderson
Actor/Writer (AC Unit)
Hilton Dresden
Actor/Writer (AC Unit)
Nathan Adloff
Director/Actor (Cock 'N Bull 3)
Danny Rhodes
Writer/Actor (Cock 'N Bull 3)
Kevin Chamberlin
Actor (Cock 'N Bull 3)
Sam Kite
Producer (Cock 'N Bull 3)
Matt Campanella
Director/Actor (Daddy Issues)
Stephanie Chloé Hepner
Director/Producer (Daddy Issues)
Nyala Moon
Director/Actor (Dilating for Maximum Results)
Emily Morus-Jones
Director (Diomysus)
Lorena Russi
Director/Actor (A History of Sitting in Waiting Rooms)
Mike Donahue
Director (Troy)
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Running Time
101 mins
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Stay Updated

We're excited to keep you in the loop on all things Frameline (with no spam - ever!)