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Rotting in the Sun

Directed by Sebastián Silva2023USA/Mexico109 mins

Chock-full of unsimulated sex and frontal nudity, the latest provocation from Chilean auteur Sebastián Silva (Nasty Baby) finds the director playing a loose version of himself as an artistically blocked, ketamine-addicted filmmaker in Mexico City. When he nearly drowns at a gay nude beach, he’s rescued by social media star Jordan Firstman (also playing a fictional version of himself) who by sheer coincidence had just watched Silva’s film Crystal Fairy the night before. Firstman proposes a new HBO project that could shake the director out of his existential crisis, but just as things start shaping up, Silva goes missing, forcing Firstman to gather the clues to his disappearance between Instagram live feeds, art openings, and the occasional orgy.

Also starring the director’s brother and collaborator Juan Andrés Silva and a hilariously neurotic Catalina Saavedra (Problemista) as Silva’s long-suffering maid, Rotting in the Sun is an audacious and acerbic satire where nothing is off limits, including the director and star, as Silva and Firstman boldly place themselves in the direct line of fire.

Short film screening before this feature (In-Person Only):

Knowing Me, Knowing You

15 mins

Unemployed and recently dumped, Daniel spends his days at home eavesdropping on his therapist roommate's Zoom sessions. Over time, he begins obsessing over one patient in particular: a recently divorced man with anger problems and a uniquely crass way of speaking.

Expected Guests

Fernando Andrés
Director (Knowing Me, Knowing You)
Jacob Roberts
Director/Actor (Knowing Me, Knowing You)
Tyler Rugh
Director (Knowing Me, Knowing You)

This film contains sexually explicit content and discussions of self-harm.

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Sebastián Silva
USA, Mexico
Running Time
109 mins
Spanish & English
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Joe Bowman
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We're excited to keep you in the loop on all things Frameline (with no spam - ever!)