When Men Were Men

Directed by Aidan Dick & Izzi Rojas2021USA/Ireland96 mins

Set in the beautiful landscapes of Ireland, this debut feature film written, directed, produced, and acted by trans/non-binary filmmakers Aidan Dick and Izzi Rojas tackles issues of toxic masculinity in the trans community and in the process, creates a trans story by trans people for everyone.

Bullied at school and tormented by his religious mother to be a traditional girl, the only place Kieran, a trans teen, can be himself is the theater, where he is deeply respected and always ends up getting cast as the lead male. When Egan moves to the rural Irish town, Kieran’s precariously balanced world is in danger of crashing down, especially when he realizes that, despite himself, he has fallen in love with the new boy, who doesn’t know Kieran is trans. Pulled in several directions at once, Kieran has to let go of his idea of masculinity before he loses sight of who he is and those he loves.

Expected Guests

Aidan Dick
Director, Actor
Izzi Rojas
Director, Actor


Masks and proof of vaccination are not required for this screening.
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Aidan Dick & Izzi Rojas
USA, Ireland
Running Time
96 mins
Streaming, Narrative Features
Program Note Writer
Sam Berliner
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