Jimmy in Saigon

Directed by Peter McDowell2022USA89 mins

When his brother Jimmy mysteriously died in Vietnam in 1972, gay filmmaker Peter McDowell was just a kid, growing up within his family’s “veil of silence.” As an adult, armed with a video camera, Peter embarks on a quest to uncover the possibly queer brother he never knew. Plotted like a terrific detective story, Jimmy in Saigon follows Peter’s search for the truth about the strikingly enigmatic Jimmy—a rebellious kid drafted into the war, who stunned his family by returning to Saigon after his tour of duty to enjoy “hedonistic pleasures.” Jimmy’s letters home spoke of a Vietnamese girlfriend, but Peter suspects that something—or someone—else had captivated Jimmy.

This intimate international odyssey into the twisty alleys of old Saigon brings forth revelations that keep unfolding in unexpected and touching ways. Executive-produced by sex advice columnist Dan Savage, Jimmy in Saigon is a timely testament to the ravages of war and the healing of old wounds.

Expected Guests

Peter McDowell
David Sauer


Masks and proof of vaccination are not required for this screening.
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Peter McDowell
Running Time
89 mins
In English, French, and Vietnamese with English subtitles
Streaming, Documentary Features
Program Note Writer
K.M. Soehnlein
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