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Fun in Shorts: Tutti Frutti

OMG can we LOL again? It seems like forever since we’ve gathered together to laugh at our signature collection of fun short movies. Luckily our filmmakers haven’t stopped making sweet, hilarious, goofy, snarky, sexy, and just plain silly films. Feel the joy of giggling with strangers at this year’s all-new FUN IN SHORTS!

Short films showing in this program:


13 mins

Jack Roth (Cheyenne Jackson), once the hottest star of cable news, stumbles upon a “newsworthy sex scandal” and ends up facing off against all sides, including the corporation he works for.

F^¢k ‘Em R!ght B@¢k

12 mins

A queer, Black Baltimore rapper must outwit his “out to get him” day job boss in order to avoid being fired after he accidentally takes drugs.


13 mins

An angry Latinx dyke in her twenties wants to make the world a better place, but can barely keep her own life together. Fernanda and her friends deconstruct their lives, fuck them up, and then continue to deconstruct them.

Grindr Baby

5 mins

A non-monogamous queer couple grapples with a pregnancy test after one of them has an unprotected one night stand. Knocked Up but if Seth Rogen was pregnant.

The Syed Family Xmas Eve Game Night

11 mins

All cards are on the table when a queer Pakistani Muslim woman brings her Puerto Rican partner home for the first time on the family's annual game night.

Tank Fairy

10 mins

Once upon a time, the magical Tank Fairy delivered tanks of gas (with plenty of sass) to the home of young Jojo, a lonely dreamer in need of a glittery godmother. Winner of an Audience Award at this year's SXSW Film Festival.

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

15 mins

On his 25th birthday, Cary brings his friends to the desert and requests one gift: for them to list everything they hate about him. A reckoning ensues.


14 mins

A bisexual man meets an attractive couple to explore the possibilities of life as a ‘unicorn:’ a drama free, emotionally non-threatening third. From the makes of Flex (Frameline45).

Expected Guests

Sam McConnell
Director (Brutal)
Drew Droege
Actor (Brutal)
Cheyenne Jackson
Actor (Brutal)
Johnny Sibilly
Actor (Brutal)
Julie Christeas
Producer (Brutal)
Jake Murphy
Producer (Fernanda)
Will Karkar
Production Consultant (Fernanda)
Gaby Dunn
Director (Grindr Baby)
Mal Blum
Actor (Grindr Baby)
Erich Rettstadt
Director (Tank Fairy)
Neal Mulani
Director, Actor (Tell Me Something I Don’t Know)
Caroline Creaghead
Producer (Unicorn)
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Running Time
93 mins
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Stay Updated

We're excited to keep you in the loop on all things Frameline (with no spam - ever!)