Visionaries & Victories

Directed by Multiple Directors
114 mins

Two award-winning films profiling three of the founders of the movement for LGBT equality.


Hope Along the Wind: The Life of Harry Hay Eric Slade 2001 57 min. USA

In the late 1940s - a time of violence and oppression against gays and lesbians - activist and labor organizer Harry Hay began organizing one of the country's first homosexual rights organizations, the Mattachine Society. Through interviews, archival images, and visually stylized dramatizations, Hope Along the Wind provides an engaging profile of one of the first activists to identify LGBT people as an oppressed minority and insist they deserve equality.

No Secret Anymore: The Times of Del Martin & Phyllis Lyon JEB (Joan E. Biren) 2003 57 min. USA

When Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon courageously launched the Daughters of Bilitis in 1955, it became the first public organization for lesbians in America. With incisive interviews, rare archival images, and warmhearted humor, No Secret Anymore covers many aspects of social change in US history through the public and private lives of these two unapologetic activists who had been partners in love and political struggle for more than 50 years until Del's passing in August 2008.

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