Unlearning Homophobia

Directed by Multiple Directors
78 mins

A compilation featuring three early films on family acceptance, Unlearning Homophobia is an all-in-one film series designed to break through barriers and connect with our common experiences of family, love, support, and hope in overcoming rejection—especially by social and religious institutions.

Academy Award-nominated Straight from the Heart (1994, 24 minutes), explores the complex relationships between parents and their LGBTQ children through simple stories about real people—a police chief, a Mormon couple, and a black woman whose two lesbian daughters have been accused of “catching” their lesbianism from white people. All God's Children, awarded Best Documentary at the National Black Arts Film Festival, addresses the stigmatization and alienation of LGBTQ people within the African American community and features Reverend Jesse Jackson, Senator Carol Moseley-Braun, and Cornel West. Finally, De Colores (2001, 28 minutes), brings the viewer into the lives of families of gay and lesbian Latinx folks as they learn to accept their children in this film; winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary Short at Los Angeles Outfest.

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