Directed by Multiple Directors
Australia, Spain, USA
69 mins

Fantasy, spoken word, animation, homage, transformation, and tradition pepper this collection with comedy and charm representing a vast array of trans images. In Junk Box Warrior, Trans Slam poet Marcus Rene Van (of Deep Dickollective) gets the ball rolling in a mesh of spoken word and black and white images. Two-Spirit People provides an overview of historical and contemporary Native American concepts of gender, sexuality, and sexual orientation. In Straightboy Lessons, a drive and a guy-to-guy chat illuminate pointers on being a “straight boy,” Unhung Heroes is a short narrative video about five FTM (female to male) transgender guys who, after discovering an internet article announcing the availability of penis transplants, plot ways to raise over a million dollars in surgery. In the short documentary Nina, a Filipina transwoman yearns to meet the man of her dreams. Finally, in With What Shall I Wash, a transwoman ends her day reminiscing about her great love and about her life working in a red-light district in Spain.

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