The Dead Boys’ Club

Directed by Mark Christopher
26 mins

The Dead Boys’ Club is the story of a young man in a world haunted by the absence of an entire generation of men that have gone before him. It’s a generation that he should have known but, because of AIDS, is one that he can only imagine in this seminal 1992 short film by Mark Christopher (54).

Awkward and shy, Toby is visiting his New York cousin Packard, who gives him a pair of shoes previously owned by his recently deceased lover. When Toby dons the shoes, he is transported to the pre-AIDS 1970s world of promiscuity, hot guys, and glitter balls. The Dead Boys’ Club is an evocative, sexy, and humorous exploration of a young man’s coming out, and an homage to the generation that paved the way—some with their lives—before him.

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