Suicide Kale

Directed by Carly Usdin
78 mins

Featuring Jasika Nicole (Scandal, Fringe) and actor/writer Brittani Nichols (Transparent, Words with Girls), Suicide Kale is a micro-budget dark comedy opening up the "mumblequeer" genre in LGBTQ+ film. Filmed in just five days with an intimate cast and crew of queer women of color, Suicide Kale is a tale of two couples, one brunch, and a mysterious note.

Jordan and Billie are the perfect established lesbian couple ... or so it seems. Jasmine and Penny, meanwhile have been together for a month and are still getting to know each other. They're also finding time to sneak away to their friends' bedroom to "get to know each other." But in the midst of a discreet quickie, Jasmine and Penny stumble upon an anonymous suicide note and proceed to devise a strategy to uncover the identity of the author. When nothing goes according to plan, Jasmine and Penny depend on their oft-misguided intuition to get to the root of this crisis, leading up to the film's unexpected conclusion. Mostly improvised, Suicide Kale's small cast entertains throughout with diatribes on masturbation and whether or not it's a good idea to decorate your home with items that once belonged to a neighbor who died in a hot tub.

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