Stupid For You

Directed by Jude Klassen
83 mins

Painfully shy teen Kat has a crush on the school’s coolest girl, Eden, but unbeknownst to Kat, their best friend Stevie has a crush on them! So when Kat decides to reunite their mom, Dani Destroyer, with their dysfunctional one-hit-wonder band to play at the ‘Spring Fling’ dance to win over Eden once and for all this Toronto-set music-driven story starts hurtling towards an epic concert. Love triangles are formed, fears are exposed and hearts are broken…but the show must go on and Kat is forced to confront their stage fright (and their true feelings for Stevie) in order to save the Spring Fling! Madcap montages, stylized music videos, and a super synth score for dreamers and schemers help pulsate the film towards a killer finale! Stupid for You is sure to heat up the hearts of punkers and lovers of all generations!

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