Simply Love

Directed by Eveline van Dijck
50 mins

Forty-one years after high school sweethearts Marcel and Marijke parted, a letter arrives from Austria requesting that the Dutch City Council Search Service locate Marcel. Marcel is now Marcella, having transitioned to female more than ten years prior. Her old love Marijke has not forgotten about her, and both woman have since married, raised families, and separated from their partners. When Marcella and Marijke meet again, the fire is quickly rekindled and soon marriage is in the picture. Eveline van Dijck’s heartfelt and respectful documentary follows these two woman as they fall in love again, this time within their own large families comprised of children, grandchildren, and ex-partners. The follow-up to van Dijck’s 1993 documentary Change of View, Simply Love courageously shows rare images of women in their sixties falling into the full glory and heartache of love.

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