Saturn’s Return

Directed by Wenona Byrne
26 mins

Starring a young Joel Edgerton (Loving, The Great Gatsby, Boy Erased), Saturn’s Return tells a journey of loss and redemption in which two young men discover that there is more to their fathers than they ever knew. Barney (Edgerton) and Dimi (Damian Walshe-Howling) are young and in love. Barney’s father, Dan, is dying of AIDS and he wants to get out early—planning his suicide and yearning for Barney’s blessing. Meanwhile, Barney wants him to face up to the mistakes of his past while Dimi, suddenly an outsider, feels like he is losing Barney and wants to connect with his own father. This emotionally packed narrative short film is ultimately a journey for both young men of remembering, grief, and reconciliation.

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