Remember Me In Red

Directed by Hector Ceballos
16 mins

Even when we choose to be our most authentic selves in our lives, how will we be remembered in death?

Fidelia is arranging her best friend Alma’s funeral, only to have Alma’s parents arrive from Mexico and insist their child be buried as a male. In this heartbreaking story of strong emotions, memory, and truth, Alma’s friends pull together to honor both the parents’ wishes and those of Alma herself.

Remember Me in Red resonated with film festival audiences around the world, winning the Frameline Audience Award at the San Francisco International LGBTQ+ Film Festival and the Audience Award at Translations, Seattle’s Transgender Film Festival. As more and more LGBTQ+ filmmakers turn the camera on issues of death and dying, Remember Me in Red is a testament to all those who live on their own terms, only to risk dying on someone else’s.

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