Queer Son

Directed by Vickie Seitchik
48 mins

An early look at LGBTQ families, the 1993 documentary Queer Son is a compelling portrait of parents coming to terms with their children’s sexual orientation. The parents and children director Vickie Seitchik interviews each come from different social and ethnic backgrounds. Some accepted their children’s orientation easily; others had grief to compound their ordeal from the start.

Seitchik skillfully interweaves different interviews to bring out particular personalities while highlighting common traits they often share: the shame, anger, hurt and sense of loss, but also and especially the relief, joy and energy coming out can bring.

For the parents of lesbian and gay children, Seitchik’s support and acceptance of her own “queer son” provide a deeply personal and moving backdrop to this important documentary. Also included is footage of pride parades and meetings of PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays), the organization which has helped many parents find a public voice for previously private turmoil.

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