Mr. Navajo

Directed by Jasper Rischen & Saailaa Huusko
14 mins

Zachariah George is a twenty-five-year-old Native American living in the rural outcrop of White Rock, New Mexico. Going by the moniker Mr. Navajo, George wears two hats; the first as a public figure renowned for event speaking and singing in the Navajo language, the second is as an advocate for LGBTQ+ communities.

Frameline & GLSEN celebrate No Name Calling Week with free streaming of Mr. Navajo and a companion discussion guide centered on the theme of Indigenization and Gender Identity.

Participating in No Name Calling Week is just one way in which we can make LGBTQ+ students feel #SafeToBe themselves in school. Take the pledge and find out more here.

Download the free discussion guide here and watch Mr. Navajo here.

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