In The Family

Directed by Multiple Directors
49 mins

Two short films exploring the impact of marriage and adoption rights in diverse LGBTQ+ families.


In My Shoes: Stories of Youth with LGBT Parents Jen Gilomen & COLAGE 2005 31 min. USA

In the US alone, there are millions of people with one or more LGBT parents. While research shows that having LGBT parents does not lead to significant developmental differences, youth commonly experience intolerance in schools, and their voices are often unheard in the media, in government, or in their communities. Conceived of and produced by youth, In My Shoes features the voices of five young people who share their own views on marriage, making change, and what it means to be a family.

Out In The Heartland Gretchen Hildebran 2005 18 min. USA

During the last ten years, LGBT people in Kentucky have lived with increasing openness in their neighborhoods, churches, schools, and workplaces. But in 2004, 75% of the state's voters passed a constitutional amendment defining marriage as "between one man and one woman." Filmed during the lead-up to the referendum, Out In The Heartland examines how our nation's political, social, and religious environments have been altered by anti-gay legislation. By profiling families, the film illuminates the long-term consequences that these amendments have for us all.

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