Almost There

Directed by Joelle Alexis, Sigal Yehuda
52 mins

Almost There is the story of a lesbian couple's move away from Israel and the problems they wish to leave behind.

Joelle lived in Tel Aviv for eleven years but tired of a city wrapped in violence. Sigal, hiding her true sexual identity from her family, needed to distance herself to be able to have a more complete life with her partner. Together they travel through Greece in search of a new home.

The couple record each other throughout their travels, producing a video diary, each expressing her feelings as she observes the other. Their unfurling journey pushes them to question the very heart of their search, including essential dilemmas such as: “Where do I belong?” “What is home?” and “How can we be part of our families when we are different from them?”

Almost There presents a couple that dares: dares to change their life, dares to deal with personal fears, dares to search for happiness … and, most of all, dares to make a documentary that carefully explores the beauty and difficulties of intimacy, sexual identity, and the complexity of family relationships.

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