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Code of Conduct

    Frameline’s mission is to change the world through the power of LGBTQ+ media. Our goal is to connect filmmakers and audiences in the Bay Area and around the world; and we value the creative expression, cultural diversity, and varied perspectives that make up our community.

    While we appreciate dialogues and differing opinions at the  Festival, we will not tolerate harassment, discrimination, or abusive behavior. 

    Frameline reserves the right to revoke tickets, passes, and access to Frameline events without notice or refund, for any action that violates this Code of Conduct. Any individual who witnesses or experiences a violation of this Code of Conduct should contact a Frameline staff member immediately. If a Frameline staff member is not present, contact   

    Patron Responsibilities

    • All seats are general admission, and multiple seat-saving is not permitted. 
    • You will need to vacate the theater between screenings so staff members can do a through cleaning and sanitize between screenings. At the Castro, those guests who have a Castro Pass, Gold Card, or Platinum Card may leave their coats/other belongings in the theatre to save their seat.
    • While waiting in line, please be considerate of our neighbors and local businesses. We remind patrons that it’s now illegal to smoke while waiting in line or near entrances to venues. 
    • Frameline believes in everyone’s right to choose the restroom they are most comfortable using. Please disregard any exclusionary signage that may be visible at our venues. 
    • Please refrain from wearing perfumes and other scented products so that attendees with environmental sensitivities can comfortably enjoy the films. Thank you.

    COVID Policy

    Frameline wants all patrons to feel safe at our Festival. For those that are not ready to return to cinemas we have provided over 55 programs virtually, available June 24 – July 2, 2023. Click Streaming on the Film Guide page to view all titles.

    All theaters masks are recommended but not mandatory. 

    The Castro Theatre is a large venue and usually seating can be found at a distance from other patrons. 

    Staff and guests are encouraged to test frequently during the festival.

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    Stay Updated

    We're excited to keep you in the loop on all things Frameline (with no spam - ever!)