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Audience Award Winners

    Since 1984, our audience has been responsible for selecting the Audience Awards for Narrative Feature and Documentary Feature — as well as audience prizes for short films and episodics at different points in the Festival history. Audiences will be able to vote for their favorite films during the Festival.

    Past Winners:

    2023 Feature: The Origin of Evil (L’origine du mal)
               Documentary: Who I Am Not

    2022 Feature: Vulveeta
               Documentary: Uýra: The Rising Forest (Uýra – A Retomada da Floresta)

    2021 Feature: Lola (Lola vers la mer)
               Documentary: Invisible
               Short: Sheer Qorma

    2020 Feature: Rūrangi
               Documentary: Cured
               Short: These Thems: Episode 1

    2019 Feature: Song Lang
               Documentary: Changing the Game
               Episodic: A Luv Tale: The Series
               Short: Bubble

    2018 Feature: For Izzy
               Documentary: The Rest I Make Up
               Episodic: Giving Me Life (In the Land of the Deadass)
               Short: Masks

    2017 Feature: God’s Own Country
               Documentary: Chavela
               Short: Curmudgeons

    2016 Feature: Pushing Dead
               Documentary: Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four
               Short: Vámonos

    2015 Feature: Margarita, with a Straw
               Documentary: Game Face
               Short: Adrift in Sunset

    2014 Feature: The Way He Looks (Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho)
               Documentary: Compared to What: The Improbable Journey of Barney Frank
               Short: Black Is Blue

    2013 Feature: Reaching for the Moon (Flores Raras)
               Documentary: The New Black
               Short: dik

    2012 Feature: Cloudburst
               Documentary: Call Me Kuchu
               Short: Tsuyako

    2011 Feature: Tomboy
               Documentary: Gen Silent
               Short: Baldguy

    2010 Feature: The String (Le fil)
               Documentary: The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls
               Short: Remember Me in Red

    2009 Feature: Patrik, Age 1.5 (Patrik 1,5)
               Documentary: Training Rules
               Short: Lucha

    2008 Feature: XXY
               Documentary: Pageant
               Short: No Bikini

    2007 Feature: Four Minutes (Vier Minuten)
               Documentary: Semper Fi: One Marine’s Journey and The Polymath
               Short: Pariah

    2006 Feature: The Gymnast
               Documentary: The Believers
               Short: Irene Williams: Queen of Lincoln Road

    2005 Feature: Transamerica
               Documentary: Blood, Sweat, and Glitter
               Short: In My Shoes: Stories of Youth with LGBT Families

    2004 Feature: Brother to Brother
               Documentary: Drag Kings on Tour
               Short: Mind if I Call You Sir?

    2003 Feature: Yes Nurse! No Nurse! (Ja zuster, nee zuster)
               Documentary: Brother Outsider
               Short: Butch Mystique

    2002 Feature: The Business of Fancydancing
               Documentary: Radical Harmonies
               Short: The Parlor

    2001 Feature: The Iron Ladies (Satree lek)
               Documentary: Scout’s Honor
               Short: No Dumb Questions

    2000 Feature: Big Eden
               Documentary: Paragraph 175
               Short: Crush

    1999 Feature: Chutney Popcorn
               Documentary: Living with Pride: Ruth C. Ellis @ 100
               Short: The Boy Next Door

    1998 Feature: Edge of Seventeen
               Documentary: Dear Jesse
               Short: Sleep Come Free Me
               Animation: Dirty Baby Does Fire Island

    1997 Feature: Lilies (Lilies – Les feluettes)
               Documentary: Paul Monette: The Brink of Summer’s End
               Short: Twisted Sheets

    1996 Feature: Stonewall
               Documentary: It’s Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues in School
               Short: Margaret Star: A Fall From Grace

    1995 Features: Costa Brava and Parallel Sons
               Documentary: Fiction and Other Truths: A Documentary About Jane Rule
               Shorts: Party Favor and Trevor
               Video: Coming Out of the Iron Closet

    1994 Features: Only the Brave and World and Time Enough
               Documentary: Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter
               Shorts: Carmelita Tropicana and A Friend of Dorothy
               Video: Sis: The Perry Watkins Story

    1993 Feature: Grief
               Documentary: One Nation Under God
               Shorts: Intrepidissima and Deaf Heaven and Chicks in White Satin
               Video: Homoteens

    1992 Feature: Twin Bracelets (Shuang zhuo)
               Documentary: Changing Our Minds: The Story of Dr. Evelyn Hooker
               Shorts: A Certain Grace and The Dead Boys’ Club
               Video: (In)Visible Women

    1991 Feature: Together Alone
               Documentary: Thank You and Goodnight
               Short: Give AIDS the Freeze
               Video: American Fabulous

    1990 Feature: Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit
               Documentary: Paris Is Burning
               Short: Flames of Passion
               Video: Tongues Untied

    1989 Feature: The Heart Exposed (Le cœur découvert)
               Documentary: Out in Suburbia
               Short: Ray’s Male Heterosexual Dance Hall
               Video: Out on Four

    1988 Feature: Friends Forever (Venner for altid)
               Special Award: The Days of Greek Gods
               Short: Bertrand Missing (Bertrand disparu)
               Video: The War Widow

    1987 Feature: Law of Desire (La ley del deseo)

    1986 Feature: Westler: East of the Wall (Westler)
               Documentary: The AIDS Show

    1985 Feature: Broken Mirrors (Gebroken spiegels)
               Documentary: The Times of Harvey Milk
               Short: David Roche Talks to You About Love

    1984 Feature: Angel (Angelos)
               Documentary: Improper Conduct (Mauvaise conduite)

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    We're excited to keep you in the loop on all things Frameline (with no spam - ever!)