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Peruse below to learn more about each DVD, watch clips or trailers, and preview the Curriculum & Action Guides.

Youth in Motion’s 2013-2014 DVD release, titled Insights: Queer Youth Defining Our Future, includes short films representing a range of LGBT youth experiences—from authentic self-expression to classmate crushes to films that delve into the dangers of bullying. Register your GSA now to receive this for free.

In addition, Youth in Motion's previous eight DVDs — five of which are compilations — cover a diverse range of subjects relating to LGBT history, culture, and politics. Each DVD is accompanied by Curriculum & Action Guides which provide great starting points for discussion in classrooms, assemblies, and community events, and they also offer ideas and inspiration for taking action!

California middle and high school student clubs can order our eight previous films, completely free of charge. Schools outside of California can receive previous films from the Youth in Motion collection for just $25 each. Register with Youth in Motion to learn more about acquiring these films.

2013-2014 Release

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