The 2017 Collection is ready to go!

Feb 9, 2017

Frameline is thrilled to announce the release of our 2017 Youth In Motion collection, Resistance & Resilience: QTPOC Local to Global!

Resistance & Resilience is a collection of two documentaries that center and amplify the voices of queer and trans people of color in the U.S. and abroad; Frameline36 Audience Award Winner Call Me Kuchu and the short Frameline40 title Gaysians. The accompanying 45 page curriculum examines queer history, international leaders past and present, human rights activism across the globe, and the global legacy of colonialism. Youth In Motion started as a California only initiative in 2008 with a handful of participating schools. Today, we're sending this collection to 1,020 registered Gender & Sexuality Alliances across all 50 states. Gender & Sexualities Alliances (sometimes known as Gay-Straight Alliances) are integral components to K-12 schools. GSAs serve as places where LGBTQ students can support one another and band together with adults and allies to become empowered activists in their school communities. Our film collections are designed with this purpose in mind. We strive to provide students and educators with the tools they need to learn queer history and challenge anti-LGBTQ bias in their own schools, and also bring these lessons home. Resistance & Resilience is being distributed at a critical time in history. Now more than ever, the stories, histories, and legacies of queer and trans people of color must be prioritized. It is our hope that this collection helps students better contextualize and understand the battles that we are facing as a community, encourages them to become more critical of the ways in which members of our community are marginalized, and ultimately propels them to fight for a better today and a better future with equal rights for all.As always, please spread the word to teachers and educators in your community, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and donate directly if you can to help support us in our mission.Sincerely,The Youth in Motion Team

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