What To Watch - SUICIDE KALE

Feb 20, 2018

Frameline Distribution's catalog of over 250 films is home to some of the best queer films specializing in stories that represent the diversity of our community and LGBTQ history. We'll be sharing exciting and thought-provoking picks to satisfy your queer film appetite, selected by Frameline staff and special contributors.

Director of Distribution & Educational Programming Daniel Moretti shares one of his favorite picks and one of our most-streamed films, SUICIDE KALE, available on DVDVimeo, iTunes, and Amazon:

Directed by Carly Usdin | Narrative Feature | USA

A dark comedy about two couples, one brunch, and a mysterious note. Jordan and Billie are the perfect established lesbian couple ... or so it seems. Jasmine and Penny have been together for a month and are still getting to know each other. While over at Jordan and Billie's for a meal, Jasmine and Penny stumble upon an anonymous suicide note and devise a strategy to uncover who wrote it. When nothing goes according to plan, Jasmine and Penny depend on their oft-misguided intuition to get to the root of this crisis, leading up to the films unexpected conclusion.

Daniel Moretti: "How can you go wrong with a film that queer pop sensations Tegan and Sara recommend?! Leads Brittani Nichols (Transparent, Words with Girls) and Jasika Nicole (ScandalFringe) deliver comedy that is deliciously queer, relatable, and thought-provoking. The film is an example of the genius that is created when a cast and crew made up entirely of women come together and place queer women of color as the focus."

Icing on the cake: SUICIDE KALE was shot in just five days and mostly improvised, opening up a new genre "mumblequeer."

Brittani Nichols, Writer/Actor: "From the beginning, I thought of this project as what would happen if women made mumblecore films. When I think of that genre, I think of it being one guy's singular undiluted vision; I wanted to see what would happen if we took that same approach to the physical act of filmmaking but made it a more collaborative creative process where everyone got to feel like they were contributing."


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