Welcome to Frameline Play

Apr 14, 2020

Here at Frameline, our 44-year-long mission to connect you - and uplift the world - through the power of queer film seems stronger and even more necessary in these isolated times. In response to the coronavirus lockdown, we're making it easy for you to enjoy our year-round programs at home. Welcome to  Frameline Play: your doorway to a universe of LGBTQ+ stories that help you feel connected again to one another, and to the artists we support.

(Spooners, Fun in Boys Shorts)

Frameline Play brings together a selection of on-demand  Frameline Distribution films - beginning with an inspiring documentary about pioneering lesbian activist Phyllis Lyon, whom we lost last week - plus our  Frameline Youth In Motion films and curriculum, our free  Frameline Voices catalog on YouTube.
And to remind you of the joy of attending the Frameline festival, we're sharing one of our classic  Fun in Boys Shorts programs, sending you a  festival favorite from years past, and recommending a marvelous film that was a grantee of our  Frameline Completion Fund.
Like you, we are sad we've had to postpone our June festival, and are looking forward to gathering again with you in person in our cinemas as soon as we can. We are working hard to assess and mitigate the undeniable financial toll that the coronavirus lockdown is taking, not only on Frameline but on our community of audiences, artists and partners.

But rest assured, Frameline remains committed to celebrating and sharing the extraordinary stories of our community in new and exciting ways. So welcome to  Frameline Play - and thank you for enjoying and supporting our ongoing work.
To show your support, please donate to our  Frameline2020 Fund.

Frameline Distribution

Frameline is the world's only non-profit LGBTQ+ film distributor, serving educational institutions, public libraries, film festivals, and community members. Our Distribution Catalog, growing for more than three decades, contains a treasury of films available to stream online. 

No Secret Anymore: The Times of Del Martin & Phyllis Lyon
To honor the recent loss of  Phyllis Lyon (1924-2020) as well as her partner in love and politics, Del Martin (1921-2008),  watch this inspirational lesbian documentary now.
This film reveals Del and Phyllis' passionate public activism as well as their charming private relationship. No Secret Anymore traces the emergence of lesbians from the fear of discovery to an expectation of equality.
Available now on: Amazon Prime &  Vimeo

Frameline Presents: Fun In Boys Shorts
Every June, a packed house fills the historic Castro Theatre in San Francisco for a raucous showcase of the finest in short gay men's films. The misadventures of the gay experience come to life in this variety of award-winning shorts, from awkward threesomes to dubious dating etiquette to the trials and tribulations of shopping excursions. Settle into your finest boxers and enjoy brief films with  Frameline Presents: Fun in Boys Shorts.
Available now on: Amazon Prime

Frameline Youth In Motion

Since 2008, Youth in Motion has provided free LGBTQ+ films and curriculum guides to Genders & Sexualities Alliances and educators supporting more than 28,000 students in over 1,400 schools in all 50 states!

A Place In The Middle + Curriculum & Action Guide
As part of EXPANDING GENDER: YOUTH OUT FRONTA Place In The Middle   is the true story of a young Hawaiian girl who aspires to become the leader of her school's boys-only hula troupe, and an inspiring teacher who uses traditional culture to empower her.
Download the  professionally developed curriculum for use in Genders & Sexualties Alliance meetings, as well as integration into classrooms.
Watch A Place In The Middle Free

Frameline Voices

For nearly a decade  Frameline Voices has provided a platform to connect and amplify stories of underrepresented perspectives to a global audience and houses an archive of hidden gems free to watch on Youtube.

Frameline Voices: Revolution
A coming-of-age story about Jack, a 16-year old Iranian boy growing up in 1989 Los Angeles. With the 1979 Iranian Revolution a distant memory, the AIDS movement as a backdrop, and a haunting score by Vampire Weekend's Rostam Batmanglij, Jack learns how to stage his own much smaller revolution within the confines of his traditional family.

Frameline Completion Fund

For over a quarter century, The  Frameline Completion Fund has awarded $565,000 to 163 projects. The Fund provides grants to emerging and established filmmakers who often struggle to secure funding to complete their works.

Call Her Ganda
A 2017 recipient of the Frameline Completion Fund,  Call Her Ganda calls for justice-for Jennifer Laude, a Filipina trans woman who was brutally murdered by a U.S. Marine. Three women intimately invested in the case - an activist attorney (Virgie Suarez), a transgender journalist (Meredith Talusan) and Jennifer's mother (Julita "Nanay" Laude) - galvanize a political uprising, pursuing justice and taking on hardened histories of US imperialism.
Available now on: Amazon Prime &  Apple TV

Festival Throwback

Around The Block, Frameline38
Ruby Rose co-stars alongside Christina Ricci in this drama following an American teacher who develops a friendship with a sixteen-year-old  Aboriginal Australian boy during the  2004 Redfern riots. This film is available to stream for free on Prime.
Available for free on TUBI
Also included with Amazon Prime