Frameline Voices Relaunch

Jan 10, 2017

A new year brings new beginnings! Frameline is excited to announce the 2017 relaunch of Frameline Voices, our online platform that provides free access to LGBTQ films to audiences around the world! Each month, an LGBTQ film highlighting underserved members of the queer community such as youth, elders, people of color, and/or transgender people, will be made available for free on Frameline's Youtube Channel.

Our online portal, Frameline Voices, originally launched in 2011 and reached nearly 4 million views on over 125 short and feature-length films. Our titles have been accessed from every state and every country, a significant milestone considering the particularly homophobic and transphobic environments in many regions of this country and world. Now, we are presenting a brand new film every month, all year, to increase accessibility to films for viewers who are geographically, financially, and/or culturally isolated from queer representations in media.

This month, we are featuring Director Rebecca Louisell's Genderfreak about handsome genderqueer teenager Sammy, who shakes up the status quo at their new high school when they challenge the notion that "He" and "She" are the only options. Genderfreak has wowed audiences across the world, and opened up conversations between students, parents, and film lovers alike. Along with the 19 minute short film, we are including a professionally created discussion and action guide to help youth, parents, teachers, and community members across the country better understand how to make schools, home, and the community safer for gender expansive youth.Check it out this month and let us know what you think by commenting here or on our YouTube page!


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