Voices 2021 Launches Christmas Day

Dec 7, 2020

We are thrilled to relaunch #FLVoices with a spotlight on creators. The 2021 lineup features fierce, fresh and transformative shorts by Joseph Amenta, Niki Ang, Annie Dean Ganek, SailaHuusko, and Jasper Rischen. 

Frameline Voices is a curated program of impactful short films representing experiences unique to LGBTQ+ people and communities. As part of its renewed mission, Frameline Voices will expand the mainstream media representation of LGBTQ+ people through career development of LGBTQ+ creators and the exhibition of their work. Since its inception in 2011, Voices’ films have been viewed over 4 million times and have been accessed from nearly every country in the world.

In this collection:

Carving Space
Dir. Annie Dean-Ganek
Cast: Jeffrey Chung, Leo Baker

Unity Skateboarding, founded in 2016 by Jeffrey Cheung and his partner Gabriel Ramirez in Oakland, CA, seeks to create a safe space and visibility for queer skateboarders within the hetero-masculine mainstream skateboarding culture. Carving Space follows Unity and affiliated queer skate activists—including 2019 US Olympic Skateboarding team member, Leo Baker—as they provide spaces and voices to the often-overlooked queer community. Watch Trailer.

Dir. Joseph Amenta
Cast: Sanjay Pavone, Isabelle Franca
A teenage boy takes his younger sister on an adventure wearing face paint and glitter on her tenth birthday. They experience small joys while turning a blind eye to the harsh reality of a hardscrabble existence. It isn't until their celebration is interrupted that the cost of their freedom is exposed. Watch trailer. Watch full film.

Mr. Navajo
Dir. Jasper Rischen & Saila Huusko
Cast: Zachariah George

Zachariah George is a 25 year-old Native American living in the rural outcrop of White Rock, New Mexico. Going by the moniker, Mr. Navajo, George wears two hats—the first as a public figure renowned for event speaking and singing in the Navajo language; the second is as an advocate for LGBT communities.  Watch trailer.

Were You Gay in High School?
Dir. Niki Ang
Cast: Sierra Puett, Alex Song

Two queer women recall their awkward, closeted high school days of kissing boys and straight-girl crushes. Watch trailer.

Catch all four films on Here TV starting 12/25.

This project is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.