Frameline Distribution Acquires "Instructions for Survival"

Coming in 2022 to screens big and small

Nov 18, 2021

Frameline Distribution has acquired North American rights for Yana Ugrekhelidze’s riveting documentary, Instructions for Survival, which tells the story of Alexander, a transgender man forced to live clandestinely in the former Soviet republic of Georgia.  

With no way to change the gender on his passport, Alexander is denied access to a proper job and professional medical care. Despite these obstacles, his secret life is rich with love, that of his doting partner of nearly a decade, Marie—a cis woman—and that of a warm, supportive family who have understood and protected him since childhood, at their own personal risk. 

Winner of the Teddy Jury Award at this year’s Berlinale, Instructions for Survival is now available for theatrical and festival bookings and will be available for transactional and streaming video on demand in early 2022. 

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