In The News - GLAAD Highlights Youth in Motion

Mar 5, 2018

Original article written by Rebecca Down, published via GLAAD on 2/16/18

GLAAD: "Frameline has just released the next collection of films in their Youth in Motion program, "Creating Home: Queer Identities, Families, and Spaces." This newest edition focuses on the experiences of transgender youth, the complexities of family - both given and found, as well as the importance of community support and acceptance in rural and urban areas. Keeping to Frameline's goal of reaching students and educators within the community, this entire collection is also available online for free.  Since the program's creation in 2008, Frameline has created numerous collections that continually push the voices of LGBTQ people to the forefront. Frameline Executive Director Frances Wallace stated that, "We are proud of how Youth in Motion is impacting this space, and the dialogue it brings to each community, making positive and life-affirming change possible for queer youth"... Read full article at GLAAD

About Youth in Motion
Since 2008, Youth in Motion has provided free LGBTQ films and curriculum guides to Genders & Sexualities Alliances (formerly known as Gay-Straight Alliances) and educators in schools nationwide. Youth in Motion now supports over 25,000 students in more than 1,300 schools in all 50 states!