Frances Wallace, Frameline's Executive Director, Departing Frameline After 43rd Festival

Nov 15, 2018

After the conclusion of the upcoming Frameline43, June 20-30, 2019, Executive Director Frances Wallace will be departing the organization for new adventures.

Frances Wallace and KIKI Subjects
Twiggy Pucci Garçon, ChiChi Mizrahi, and Frances Wallace at Frameline40's premiere of KIKI

"Leading Frameline for over five years and working with the organization for more than a decade has been the most rewarding experience of my professional career," said Wallace. "I've been continually strengthened by Frameline's Staff, Board of Directors, and constituents who support our work on so many fronts. Above all, I am inspired by the communities that we serve, and the filmmakers that astound us with invigorating, fresh queer content. I'm excited to continue building Frameline's vital outreach programs and to produce Frameline43."

Paul Struthers, Frances Wallace, and Michael Colaneri
Paul Struthers, Frances Wallace, and Michael Colaneri at Frameline42's Opening Night. Photo: Barak Shrama

Frameline Board President and AT&T Vice President - Global Business, Michael Colaneri said, "Frances has been a gift to Frameline. She brings perspective leadership, non-profit discipline, and acute fidelity to LGBTQ+ artists and content. We are richly rewarded by her intellectual service, and indebted to the enormous care she's shown and continues to exhibit, even in her long-term departure from Frameline."

Peter Stein and Frances Wallace
Peter L. Stein and Frances Wallace at Frameline41's Industry Brunch. Photo: Barak Shrama

Wallace first joined Frameline in 2001, subsequently became the Director of Strategic Partnerships & Senior Programmer, and was then named Executive Director in June 2014. Included in the many highlights from her years of dedicated service:

  • Directed and developed a multi-year Strategic Plan to elevate the Frameline brand and grow individual, foundation, and corporate revenue.
  • Proudly oversaw the celebration of Frameline's 40th Anniversary in 2016, including an award-winning brand refresh with design firm Mucho.
  • Increased audience, filmmaker and industry attendance, elevated donor and sponsor support, grew distribution revenue, and expanded the Youth in Motion education program to reach all 50 states, serving an estimated 27,000 students at over 1,300 K-12 schools.
  • Rebuilt the Frameline team, and at Director level hired Frameline's new Director of Exhibition and Programming, Paul Struthers, Director of Distribution & Educational Programming, Daniel Moretti and David Warczak, Director of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships.

Frances Wallace
Frances Wallace greets the audience at Frameline41's Opening Night. Photo: Barak Shrama

The Frameline Board of Directors will soon begin a search for a new Executive Director that will begin following Wallace's post-Festival departure in 2019.