Frameline Welcomes New Communications Manager, Brian Ray

Aug 30, 2017

Brian Ray, Frameline's new Communications Manager
Photo: Barak Shrama

Frameline is pleased to welcome Brian Ray as our Communications Manager. Brian has been a valued member of the Frameline family for several years, working with us as a seasonal staffer, most recently at the PR and Outreach Coordinator for the Frameline41 San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival.

This month, as Brian joins our year-round team, learn more about his background, experiences with Frameline, and his vision for the future.

FL: Welcome, Brian! You've worked in film marketing and publicity for a number of companies and organizations over the years. What drew you to the film and film festival worlds originally? 

BR: I've always been passionate about film and community. Film runs a gamut of escapism, grounding realism, and reflection. Community pulls us together and enriches our lives through shared experiences and efforts. To me, film festivals marry these two passions.

FL: What excites you about the Bay Area film scene? 

BR: Coming from Utah, I grew up in a world of dollar theaters and multiplexes. Here we have local jewels like the Castro and Roxie theaters, precise and cutting-edge rooms like the Premiere Theatre at ILM and Dolby, and magical spaces like Pixar, where shooting stars fly across the ceiling before each film begins. While Salt Lake has some excellent indie theaters and, of course, Sundance and other festivals, nothing seems to match the diversity of ideas and craft in the Bay Area scene. You have gritty and politically active projects, local orgs working for a broader understanding through media, and polished studio work from the likes of Pixar and Lucasfilm.

FL: Any favorite personal film projects or experiences in the Bay Area?

BR: Well I definitely have had some fun ones. I've worked as a stock video model, which is always hilarious when you are pretending to talk, smile, and interact with a model, but both of you are just saying gibberish or "watermelon" over and over again. I've also been behind the camera on some shoots for local friends and businesses, including a highlight where I got to film with four (yes, FOUR) corgis. I was in heaven.

FL: Frameline has gone through some exciting changes in the past couple of years. You've worn a number of hats within the org during that time. How does it feel to step into a new, year-round role coming off your Festival experience? 

BR: It's been such an inspiring and positively-charged environment during my Festival staff roles from 2015 and through Frameline41 this past June. Each year, I felt like a summer camp counselor - I would come in and see new and old faces, we'd create and execute 11 days of queer film bliss, and then we'd say our goodbyes and go off into the world, looking forward to reuniting again the next year.

I've been fortunate to be there for fresh changes, from our sleek new visual branding to a new website and programming offerings like the Episodic Section at Frameline41.

Now for the icing on the cake - I have the incredible opportunity to be Frameline's new Communications Manager. Of course this comes as a bittersweet moment, with our former Comms Manager, Reena Karia, moving onto a new venture, but I'm incredibly excited for Reena's next steps, and hope to see her around the Festival and throughout the year.

FL: What does this mean for Frameline Communications? What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

BR: I want to continue the strong foundations that both Reena and her predecessor Alex Hudson created, while working to build a stronger identity and voice in our community. I think we need to show our audience more of our personality and give them behind-the-scenes views into the makings of the Festival and year-round programs. Prepare to see more social media and E-news interactivity, original Frameline-generated content, and additional exciting announcements coming this fall.

For me, the best communication comes from listening to the unique perspectives and dialogue in our community. We want to hear the ideas and experiences of each member, filmgoer, mediamaker, sponsor, volunteer, community partner, and first-timer, so never hesitate to reach out and share your voice with our Frameline family.

I look forward to what lies ahead, and hope you do, too!

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