Frameline Play: Edition #2

May 1, 2020

Welcome again to Frameline Play, which brings Frameline films to you in the safety and comfort of your home, and makes our films and community accessible for everyone, everywhere, anytime.
Below you can view wonderful queer titles from past Festivals, from  Frameline Distribution,  Frameline Voices, our  Frameline Completion Fund, and  Frameline Youth in Motion alongside a curriculum.

  (Happy Birthday, Marsha!, Frameline Distribution)


Frameline Distribution

Frameline is the world's only non-profit LGBTQ+ film distributor, serving educational institutions, public libraries, film festivals, and community members. Our Distribution Catalog, growing for more than three decades, contains a treasury of films available to stream online. 

Happy Birtday, Marsha!
Happy Birthday, Marsha! is a film about iconic transgender artist and activist, Marsha "Pay it No Mind" Johnson and her life in the hours before she ignited the 1969 Stonewall Riots in New York City. Starring Independent Spirit Award winner Mya Taylor (Tangerine).

"A moving celebration and evocation of trans activist and artist Marsha "Pay It No Mind" Johnson..." -  Artforum

Available now on: Amazon Prime

Some  Frameline Distribution titles are also available for free through  Kanopy, where you can watch with your public library card or university login.

Watch these Frameline films on Kanopy today:
The Salt Mines  (1990)

Frameline Youth In Motion

Since 2008, Youth in Motion has provided free LGBTQ+ films and curriculum guides to Genders & Sexualities Alliances and educators supporting more than 28,000 students in over 1,400 schools in all 50 states!

A Journey Within + Curriculum & Action Guide
Meet Monica. A strong young woman who was not always so. Her journey for self-acceptance includes rejection from church and family. At a very dark time in her young life she was homeless, suicidal and vulnerable. However, an inner drive to survive and live a life that was true pushed her through the depression, and fueled her search for a brighter future.
Download the  professionally developed curriculum for use.

Frameline Voices

For nearly a decade  Frameline Voices has provided a platform to connect and amplify stories of underrepresented perspectives to a global audience and houses an archive of hidden gems free to watch on Youtube.

Frameline Voices: The Performance of Drowning
On a trip to "Crippled Children's Camp," Terry Galloway falls for the deep-end swimming instructor, nearly drowning as she learns to perform her newly discovered queer, differently-abled identity in this animated film from Frameline36.

Frameline Completion Fund

For over a quarter century, The  Frameline Completion Fund has awarded $565,000 to 163 projects. The Fund provides grants to emerging and established filmmakers who often struggle to secure funding to complete their works.

Chavela  re-discovers the legacy of iconic chanteuse and sexual outlaw Chavela Vargas, a pistol-packing, cigar-smoking, tequila-downing, woman-loving singer whose renditions of classic Mexican ranchera songs are definitive for many Latinos. Chavela's love affairs with Ava Gardner and Frida Kahlo gave her a reputation as the ultimate seducer, and her frequent collaborations later in life with Pedro Almodóvar (who is featured prominently in the film) solidified her artistic influence throughout the world.
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Festival Throwback

Looking: The Movie, from Frameline40
It's the final emotional chapter for three friends in San Francisco exploring the options for a new generation of gay men. As it opens, Patrick, who has been living in Denver, returns to celebrate a big event with his old friends Agustin and Dom. The result is a trip down memory lane for the trio as they continue their shared search for happiness, intimacy and fulfillment.
Available to stream for free with  Amazon Prime,  Hulu &  HBO Now subscriptions.
The  Series is also available on HBO with subscription.