Frameline45 Creative Partner Search

Jan 12, 2021

Request for Proposals — Frameline45 Festival Visual Identity

Frameline is currently seeking proposals for our 2021 & 2022 Festival Creative Partnership. The festival Creative Partner will serve as creative director and lead design for the Frameline45 & Frameline46 visual identity. Below is a brief background & project overview. To read full proposal requirements & project scope, download the RFP here.

View our festival archive to reference past creative campaigns.

Proposals deadline: January 28th

Brand Statement
Frameline’s mission is to change the world through the power of queer cinema. With its distinguished 44-year history as a media arts non-profit, Frameline remains at the forefront of presenting diverse LGBTQ+ films to a discerning and influential audience demographic through its seasonal and year-round film exhibition and distribution, and filmmaker support programs.

Frameline San Francisco International LGBTQ+ Film Festival, founded in 1977, is the largest, longest-running and most widely recognized LGBTQ+ film exhibition event in the world. It serves as a premier exhibition and distribution outlet for LGBTQ+ films worldwide. This is Frameline’s 45 th festival, and wishes to celebrate this milestone in 2021’s creative.

Project Background
Frameline seeks a Creative Partner, to develop a visual identity and campaign for the world-renowned Frameline San Francisco International LGBTQ+ Film Festival, optimally for a 1-2 year commitment, commencing early 2021. 

Frameline is seeking a top-shelf creative agency that will complete this project pro-bono, in exchange for a Premier Creative Partner sponsorship, including valuable, exclusive, and high-visibility Frameline45 marketing and hospitality benefits packages.

Organizational Background
Frameline's integrated programs provide critical support for emerging LGBTQ+ filmmakers, reach hundreds of thousands with a collection of more than 250 films distributed nationally, create safer schools for queer youth, and create an international stage for the world's best queer cinema through the annual San Francisco International LGBTQ+ Film Festival and additional year-round screenings presented with media partners including: Showtime, WarnerMedia, Hulu, HBO Max, Netflix, and more.